Although few people will ever get to own one, exotic cars send pulses pounding all around the world. Among the names that most frequently come to mind, it is probably the Italian makers Ferrari and Lamborghini that most people think of, but a few from other countries also stand out. One of the most prominent and successful English manufacturers, for example, is the company called McLaren that is such a force in Formula 1 racing today.

The company's MP4-12C is a favorite of those who own it, and equally popular among people who new york luxury car rentals today. An exotic car rental of this model, many find, can be among the best ways of all of becoming familiar with what super cars can offer, because the MP4-12C stands near the pinnacle of high-performance automotive technology.

Of a two-door design that emphasizes agility and performance over comfort and spaciousness, the low-slung MP4-12C has a thoroughly distinctive silhouette. Although some who are less familiar with the history of sports cars might mistake the machine for a Ferrari, the look of the MP4-12C definitely hearkens back to McLaren's earlier F1, a vehicle whose production run ended in the late 1990s.

Quite a bit has changed since then, both in the automotive world in general and within McLaren in particular. Even in the few short years since the F1 lines shut down, great advancements in engine technology have enabled the creation of more powerful and reliable motors, and the MP4-12C is a notable beneficiary of these leaps forward. Its engine, thanks to the assistance of two high performance turbos, puts out nearly 600 horsepower, enough to get the svelte car moving in a hurry.


Between its looks, its lineage, and its performance credentials, the MP4-12C stands as perhaps the single most desirable luxury car rental today. One of the signature rentals of many companies that specialize in delivering life-changing experiences to their customers, the vehicle is in great demand nearly everywhere.

That does not mean that the MP4-12C is not worth seeking out, though. Whether for a day at the local track or one spent simply tooling around on local roads, it is the kind of revelatory car that can make memories for a lifetime. Even just pulling away from a stoplight in the MP4-12C is enough to get the blood pumping for many who have driven it, so distinctive and exciting a machine is it.